Bring The Power of Monstrous Digital With You As You Go

Don't ever miss a beat when you're away from the office with our mobile apps for both iOS and Android. You can manage content, publish posts and review performance from anywhere. 


Messaging On The Go

You'll never miss another message with access to your prospects from anywhere, Monstrous Digital will send you a push notification whenever you receive a new message allowing you to respond quickly. 


All-In-One Streams

Condense your to-do list and view all your social networks at one time. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more all in one stream, in real time.  

User's can also see who is engaging with their content and access detailed digital profile information all from their mobile app. 


Updating While On The Move

Make posts to your social networks while your on the go! You'll have access to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and much more all in the palm of your hand. You can compose messages for your audience, save unfinished posts, or even assign tasks to your team. 


Social Listening Opportunities

When people mention your brand, get a push notification or email straight to your phone. Also, set up alerts to follow keywords you want to monitor.

Never miss an important message by using Monstrous Digital's sentiment analyzer. You'll get highlights from the most positive and negative mentions about your company. 


Effectiveness and Engagement

Monstrous Digital allows users to track important social metrics from your phone. Use our reports to track effectiveness and engagement levels for each of your individual posts and social profiles all through our mobile app. 


Customer social media success stories

Probably the greatest social media management tool ever ever.

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