Watch Your Success Climb Using Social Media Analytics

Social data gives you a look inside your audience's eyes and allows you to show off your success to clients and team members. 


Watch how your numbers climb

Use Montrous Digital to build in-depth reports for all your social networks including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedId, Google Analytics and many more. The Reports Hub has nine ready-to-go digital media reports for an instant look into your social media data. 

Use your digital data to create more business by using Monstrous Digital's Engagement report. This report grants insight into your combined audience, posts, mentions and engagement across all of your networks to easily notice trends. 


Create Professional-Looking Custom Reports

Monstrous Digital's report builder has more than 250 modules so you can build the perfect report for each client. You'll be ready for every presentation with reports tailored to the needs of each client.

Also use the reports to track your team's response times by either daily or hourly to ensure your customers are receiving the quickest possible response time. 


Communicate Constantly With Clients

Clients, stakeholders and your own team need to have the most up-to-date information about their digital details. Stay on top of it by emailing them a print-ready PDF report. Don't forget - schedule it to be sent out on a weekly or monthly basis. 


Dive Into The Data

Take a look from the eyes of your audience, what posts are they interacting with. Use the data to determine the best time of the day to post, who are your most engaged followers and what posts are your top performers. All this data will allow you to create even better, more engaging content down the road. 


Google Analytics Quantified

Google Analytics enable you to track the effect your digital media and email campaigns have on your page views, content populatiry and geographic impact. Luckily, Google Analytics is at the foundation of Monstrous Digital. 


Customer social media success stories

Probably the greatest social media management tool ever ever.

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