Collaborate With Your Social Team With Ease

Monstrous Digital makes working with your social team a breeze. Use a unified digital inbox, utilize flexible permissions for each team member and require approvals before anything goes lives. 


There's No "I" In Team

A digital content calendar makes it easy to team up and work together. Users are also able to manage their team and monitor each task team members are completing. Everyone can contribute to your Content Library to create the best social strategy as a team. 


Who's Doing What?

Monstrous Digital allows users to delegate tasks to other departments. Provide better customer service by simply delegating sales opportunities and support needs to the proper colleagues. 


Maintain Your Brand

Ensure your digital footprint stays on track by creating custom workflows for each team member. Schedule all content to be double checked and approved before being published. 


Controlled Empowerment

Manage permissions for both clients and team members at a granular level. Monstrous Digital's dashboard has flexible user hierarchies, profile permissions and workflow approvals. All of the options give administrators the ability to keep control while empowering the team to take the lead in your company's digital strategy. 


Prospecting For Success

Help your team better understand your customers by combining social analysis with records in your CRM. Add notes, comments and a conversation history so you don't get off track. 


Customer social media success stories

Probably the greatest social media management tool ever ever.

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