Keep Clients Happy for Life with Monstrous Digital's Social CRM

Our CRM tools allow your team to generate leads, build relationships with prospects, and close deals with a full encompassing customer record including digital data. 


Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!

Work as a team to ensure your building relationships with prospects. Monstrous Digital tracks all contact made with social users and your entire team can have access to the contact history and conversation notes. 

Co-Workers can easily transfer ownership of each contact as the relationship develops, ensuring your contact never misses a beat. 


Complete Customer Profiles

Use social media data to categorize contacts, save profiles and create notes after every interaction with customers. Integrate with Klout and PeerIndex to see what your customers are interested in and influence prospects. 


Soar Above Expectations

Our automatic sentiment analysis and priority inbox helps you guarantee customer satisfaction. Utilize digital data to help resolve concerns and provide them with the best possible customer experience.  


Generate Leads In Your Sleep

Generate leads around the clock with Monstrous Digital's advanced automation tools. Set geotargeting capability to search for relevant prospects on Twitter and start conversations for you, even when . your out of the office. 


Convert Digital Leads With Multiple Touchpoints

Use your current email lists or build new ones using Monstrous Digital's CRM. Our built-in email and SMS marketing tools help turn social leads into customers. 


Customer social media success stories

Probably the greatest social media management tool ever ever.

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